• Ascania
Surface:20 ha.
Description:The 200.000 m² company belongs to one of the largest rose growers in Central and Eastern Europe, cultivating around 125 different varieties.

Ascania, Ukraine

The length, width and position of the greenhouse have been designed to reduce energy losses to a minimum and to ensure maximum operational efficiency. The combination of roof and side wall screening together with energy management allows a reduction in variable costs.

Certhon has designed and managed the project of 20 hectare for Ascania. The project consisted of 4 Venlo type greenhouses of 5 hectare with a technical room for each 10 hectare and a sorting and packaging hall.

We also realized a complete boiler house plant, a CO2 dosing system, pipe rail heating, monorail heating, snow melt heating, a heating system for preheating of combustion air, 2 vertical heat storage tanks, the irrigation water heating system and the electro technical connection of the systems with a climate computer.

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