Koppert Cress

Location:The Netherlands
Surface:2,5 ha.
Description:Koppert Cress is the most modern grower of micro-vegetables in Europe.

Koppert Cress, The Netherlands

In the new 2.5 hectare facility, which is an extension of the existing location, a multilayer growing system has been introduced, with LED lighting and a special climate control installation.
Certhon realised a heat pump installation which enables underground energy storage using eight wells. The installation is intended for both the new greenhouse and for a number of houses on the Koppert Cress site. This technique allows for energy-economic and environment-friendly heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.
And so Koppert Cress and the house owners can all make use of sustainable energy.

Residual heat produced by the heat pump in the summer, and cold produced in the winter, can be stored in underground layers and pumped back up again when required.
The wells are continuously monitored in order to prevent them from becoming overloaded. Our monitoring process is so precise that the serious Japanese earthquake of March 2011 was recognizable in the well statistics.

Certhon has also provided the new facility with an air treatment installation for the conditioning of air, which can cool, heat and dehumidify the air. The low-quality temperature network and the air treatment installation, keep efficiency high.

The expansion of Koppert Cress is a successful example of an energy-economic project, with minimum natural gas consumption.

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