• Meshur
Surface: 1 ha.
Description:The realization of a 10.000 m² turnkey project . In this greenhouse tomatoes are grown.

Meshur, Turkey

Certhon was main head contractor of this project and that the greenhouse as well as the heating system, the electrical system and the substrate system have been supplied by Certhon.

We built a Venlo type greenhouse equipped with an insect netting and an energy saving screen, so that it is possible to grow the crop with a low energy consumption.
We also realized the complete greenhouse heating system, CO2 dosing system, a vertical heat storage system, pipe rail heating an grow pipe heating, grow gutters with drain water collection, a drip irrigation system and a fogging system.

The complete electro technical installation including the delivery and mounting of an integrated hydro climate computer and the connection of recirculation fans, ventilation motors, screening motors and the complete boiler house installation is also provided by Certhon.

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