Location:The Netherlands
Surface:7 ha.
Description:Together with Deliscious, Certhon designed a revolutionary new multilayer Lettuce cultivation system with LED lights. The growing system will be used as a cultivation concept for Lettuce young plants with root ball.

Deliscious, The Netherlands

The system allows Deliscious in Beesel to grow own lettuce varieties in a short period of time on a year-round basis and with a constant and reliable quality.

Certhon has realized 4 growth chambers with an integrated installation construction of 7 layers on top of each other. The lettuce seedlings grow up to lettuce plants on large cultivation tables continuously on a year-round basis.

A large number of LED fixtures provides the necessary and needed illumination for the seedlings, no further daylight enters the growth chambers.The climate in the cells are regulated by means of chilled ceilings and air conditioning. All technical installations are integrated into a for this purpose specially designed multi layer construction system.

In the new greenhouse, built for capacity expansion, Certhon has installed the heating and cooling installations. For this, a heat pump will be installed and new wells will be drilled. Certhon will also implement the control and regulation of the heat pump and the wells.

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