Greenhouse construction

The backbone of a project

Certhon's experience in the field of greenhouse construction goes way back, to the beginning of the previous century. A great deal has changed since then. Greenhouses have become high-tech environments, using advanced materials, innovative designs and quality systems. The greenhouse is the backbone of a project and determines the strategy, the layout and the logistics all at the same time. Certhon has played an important role in the development of modern-day greenhouses.

As a greenhouse builder, we have introduced many new ideas and have perfected numerous techniques and materials. And even now, horticultural greenhouses continue to inspire our own design team to look for new methods of increasing crops and quality while minimising energy consumption.

An important advantage of Certhon is that the greenhouse is an integrated component of the total concept. We have broad knowledge and experience of this component – from Venlo greenhouse to wide-span versions, from lightweight plastic to inverted and convertible greenhouses. Certhon supplies not only the glass and aluminium components but also the ventilation systems and screens: internal screens, external screens, energy screens and sunlight screens.

Familiar with specific requirements

Certhon is familiar with the specific requirements of a crop: A greenhouse for a vegetable grower requires a completely different approach and design to the greenhouse for cut flowers, pot plants or a breeding specialist. The Certhon experts naturally also have knowledge of and experience in the selection and application of screens, and the design and construction of integrated company areas such as technical rooms, sorting and processing areas, offices and personnel facilities. In each phase of the construction process, you will recognise the reputation of Certhon as a reliable and dedicated greenhouse constructor
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