SuprimAir greenhouse

The fully conditioned greenhouse

For the international professional greenhouse horticulture industry, Certhon has developed a unique greenhouse concept: the SuprimAir greenhouse. Thanks to an ingenious combination of greenhouse, ventilation, cooling down and control, it is now possible to create an ideal climate all year round. The SuprimAir concept integrates the latest technical innovations in various fields. Ideal temperature and relative humidity are combined with lower energy consumption and a reduced general risk of disease occurrence.

The SuprimAir greenhouse combines specific properties of "the New Ways of Growing" and the pad & fan system in a single, fully conditioned growing concept. A single growing concept that makes it possible to accurately control temperature and humidity, and as such the greenhouse climate. A single system that cools down and heats up, as well as humidifying and drying the greenhouse air.

The SuprimAir concept comprises three important components:

  • Hoses fitted underneath the growing gutters, through which air is blown;
  • An end wall corridor with pad wall, heating blocks and ventilators that draw in outside air or greenhouse air or a combination thereof (depending on the situation) and blow it into the hoses;
  • Operation on the basis of in-house-developed hardware, software and SCADA applications.

Cooling down and heating up

The cooling option is based on adiabatic cooling; known from the pad & fan concept. Dry outside air is humidified, thus extracting heat from the air, and cool air is blown into the greenhouse via the hoses. The air can be heated up too.

Dehumidifying or humidifying

Traditionally, the greenhouse is dehumidified through ventilation. This dehumidification process accounts for a very large portion of the energy consumption. And apart from moisture and heat, CO2 also escapes from the ventilation windows. By drawing in dry outside air, heated or otherwise, and blowing it into the hoses, the greenhouse air is dehumidified; the "New Ways of Growing" principle. This leads to considerable energy savings and higher CO2 efficiency. When the outside air is drawn in via the pad wall, the air is humidified. Thanks to an innovative system, it is possible to realise the perfect mixture of outside air and greenhouse air in the corridor, as a result of which humidity can be controlled highly accurately.

In-house developed control

Based on hardware and software developed by Certhon, the ventilators can be controlled in sections and modules, thus controlling the climate down to a square metre. Thanks to the control technologies developed in-house, all components and measuring boxes communicate continuously, realising the best possible climate.

Additional benefits

The SuprimAir concept achieves more than just a perfect climate. By applying this concept, one of the biggest disadvantages of the pad & fan system is eliminated; the relatively small maximum greenhouse depth. Thanks to the ideal climate, the ventilation windows can remain closed more often, thus saving energy and keeping CO2 in the greenhouse. Finally, due to overpressure in the greenhouse, insects cannot enter, which means there is no need for light-obscuring insect nets, and diseases are prevented thanks to the ideal climate.
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