Growth Chambers

Turnkey growth chamber solutions

Certhon provides innovative solutions for the changing demands within horticulture and Floriculture. Our development of turn-key growth chambers with single or multi-layer growing systems is an answer to many current challenges within horticulture. With a growing world population food security and safety are important issues, while within Floriculture there is a growing demand for increased efficiency in use of space, production and energy.
Growing inside growth chambers is the solution for many of these challenges. Certhon realises the optimal combination between Cooling, heating, humidity control, irrigation, lighting, CO2 and logistics to provide the optimal growing condition for each crop. Certhon offers the maximum return on investment for our client’s projects.
The main advantage of producing inside growth chambers is that the crops are not influenced by external factors like fluctuations in for example temperature, humidity, lighting .
An essential part of the Growth chamber is the application of artificial light. Depending on the crop, a specific lighting recipe is applied. This can consist of LED, HID lamps, Fluorescent or a combination of different sources.
For the highest accuracy in controlling the climate, lighting and irrigation inside the growth chambers, Certhon has developed the Phytotron Control System. This system provides real time control and monitoring of the growth chamber on site or remotely.

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