Bernhard Plant

  • Bernhard Plant
  • Bernhard Plant
  • Bernhard Plant
  • Bernhard Plant
Location:The Netherlands
Surface:4,6 ha.
Description:Certhon has equipped a Phalaenopsis nursery with a complete cooling system based on the JOK system, including in-house developed JSK coolers.

Bernhard Plant, The Netherlands

The surface area is 46,000 m2, of which 20,000 m2 is cooled.

We have realized a Venlo type greenhouse with refrigerated sections that are cooled with our in-house developed JSK-coolers. The JSK’s are driven by the BUS control system.
The greenhouse cooling system is based on the JOK-system. We also installed grow lights with various light levels. The lights are equipped with DALI. The electro technical control of lighting and cooling is done by CAN software.

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