De Hoog

Location:The Netherlands
Surface:2,7 ha.
Description:A nursery where orchids (Dendrobium) are grown on cultivation tables.

De Hoog Orchideeen, The Netherlands

This project is supplied turnkey by Certhon. This project shows the strength of Certhon, creating the optimal climate for every greenhouse grower. Surface area: 24,800 m2, of which 7,000 m2 is cooled.

We have realized a Venlo type greenhouse with a water-cooled screw compressor, a cooling tower, top coolers, grow light installation, water storage silos, overhead irrigation, a high pressure fogging system, spray beams and a roof sprinkler installation. The electro technical controls create the link between the climate computer and installations. The maximum result of the installation is achieved by the in-house developed BUS technique.

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