Delto Avoíne

Surface:1,6 ha.
Description:The 1.6 hectare greenhouse is fully equipped with a double line of LED interlighting, complementing the existing SON- T lighting, of which forms a hybrid lighting system.

Delto Avoíne, France

This hybrid system is a combination of Philips Greenpower LED interlighting and SON- T lighting. The LED interlighting will supplement HPS toplighting, adding 110 μmol to the overall light level. With the new installation of this hybrid system it is expected to increase production of the small taste tomatoes on the vine up to 30%.

By positioning younger plants in between the generative older plants, which are still producing tomatoes, these younger plants grow sufficiently in good light. This can create difficulties as leaves form the older plants intercept the light from the sun. The result of providing LED light between the plants will affect the internode, the distance from one leaf to the next, being much shorter which results in a stronger plant.

This hybrid lighting system is flexible in the usage of light to optimise climate conditions.


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