Holland Farming

  • Holland Farming
Surface:0,7 ha.
Description:‘Holland Farming Agro’ is the newest horticultural project in Romania. The greenhouse, that surfaces 7.000 m2, is located in the town Floresti- Stoenesti, approximately 40 miles of the capital Bucharest.

Holland Farming, Romania

“Certhon has been responsible for the design of the project completely. In collaboration with a local partner, the project has been successfully completed under supervision of Certhon.

Holland Farming Agro is partly Dutch owned. Besides production of vegetables the greenhouse will also be used for research of vegetable varieties for the local market. “The Dutch horticultural knowledge will absolutely strengthen the Romanian vegetable market,” says export manager John Meijer. “That’s for Certhon a nice starting point to realize a profitable project.””

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