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  • Improvement Centre
  • Improvement Centre
  • Improvement Centre
  • Improvement Centre
Location:The Netherlands
Surface:1,1 ha.
Description:Department 5 of the GreenQ Improvement Centre has been refurbished by Certhon

Improvement Centre, Nederland

Certhon has carried out several activities to set up a cultivation trial for Lisianthus in this department. The practical research centre in Bleiswijk will be able to bring The New Way of Growing for Lisianthus into practice with this application.

The plant Lisianthus is usually cultivated in the soil, but in department 5 the Lisiantus will grow on an ErfGoedFloor® with an ebb and flood system. Certhon is responsible for the irrigation system of this floor, which enables to disinfects return water.

Certhon made the electrical installation for department 5. Special PAR sensors ensure that the plants get the right amount of light, partly by close coordination with the installation screen.
Furthermore, is the new greenhouse roof is another application that allows an optimal distribution of the light. It is fully equipped with tempered diffuse glass. The applied type of glass ensures favourable light distribution as well as a lower room temperature in the greenhouse.

The heating installation has been adapted by Certhon, a tube rail heating system has been converted to a monorail system. The CO2- dosing system has also been adapted. The new system allows to dose very precise crop management.

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