Le Jardin de Rabelais 1

Surface:1,6 ha.
Description:The French town Avoíne has the world premiere. In Avoine Certhon completed the first SuprimAir greenhouse for “Le Jardin de Rabelais”.

Le Jardin de Rabelais, France

An ultra-modern greenhouse of nearly 3ha, which is used for the production of small sweet tomatoes. The project was completed turn-key in the autumn of 2012.

The SuprimAir greenhouse is a unique concept: a system in which temperature and humidity can be controlled, so that the greenhouse climate can be managed to perfection. The system enables to control the climate by heating, cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying. The combination of these specific features makes it possible to create an ideal climate year round. The above-mentioned properties meet the explicit demands of the customer.

The essential elements of the SuprimAir greenhouse at Le Jardin de Rabelais are the air ducts under the gutters and the special corridor at the gable end. The special corridor at the gable end is equipped with pad walls, heating blocks and fans. Dependent on the situation the fans can take in outside air or inside air from the greenhouse (or a combination) and blow it into the hoses.

According to measurements of horticultural entrepreneur Pascal Delahaye of Le Jardin de Rabelais the SuprimAir greenhouse can save up to 30% energy compared to the conventional greenhouse of comparable size and post height.

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