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  • Magnit opkweek
Surface:1 ha.
Description:Certhon has completed their first project for Magnit, which is the largest retailer in Russia. Magnit owns a greenhouse complex situated in Krasnodar.

Magnit propagation, Russia

“Certhon has been built a glasshouse, with a surface area of 14.256 m2 and is fully equipped for propagation purposes. The project is divided in three different departments, one of which includes the technical room. The entire greenhouse has been furnished with propagation benches and grow light as well.

Certhon has built this project on a turnkey basis. Technical installations have been installed in the greenhouse by Certhon. Which provides Magnit a high-tech integrated propagation nursery.

The next phase of the Magnit project has been generated and is currently being built by Certhon. This will be a huge cucumber nursery of more over than 40 hectares.”

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