• Monsanto
Location:The Netherlands
Description:Certhon has designed and constructed a special greenhouse for Monsanto in Bergschenhoek, one of the largest companies in improvement and production of seed.

Monsanto, The Netherlands

The greenhouse is used for growing and developing seed for various products. It is divided up into 34 smaller sections for this purpose, each of which has its own layout, geared to the product grown there. This has resulted in many tailor-made applications being necessary, and a great diversity of installations being fitted to the steel construction. Part of the greenhouse has also been made suitable for offices and general company areas.

Monsanto considers safety and quality of paramount importance. The safety requirements in this project go one step further than the requirements of Dutch legislation. This all serves to prevent accidents on the work floor. We too are a trendsetter when it comes to safe working conditions. Indeed, we were one of the first companies in greenhouse horticulture with an SCC [Safety Checklist Contractors] certificate. Nowadays many clients, just like Monsanto, require an SCC certificate as a precondition for carrying out work.

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