Schkölen II

  • Schkölen II
  • Schkölen II
Surface:10,5 ha.
Description:Certhon has realized a turnkey project consisting of a tomato nursery with a greenhouse surface of 88,000 m² and a workspace of 17,000 m².

Schkolen, Germany

The nursery is designed in such a way that it is possible to switch to the cultivation of cucumbers to other crops in the future.

For the project we have realized a Venlo type greenhouse with a complete heating system which is supplied with low-grade heat from the nearby power plant.
We also installed the full electro technical installation and irrigation for the nursery.These include a CO2 dosing system, a horizontal heat storage tank, sulfur evaporators, HD-UV disinfectant, recirculation fans, storage of water, drainage water and disinfected water in silos. Both thermal and hydro-technical installations are controlled by a climate computer.

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