Cooperation DENSO and Certhon holds potential for next generation greenhouse.

At April 1st, Certhon and DENSO announced their partnership to jointly develop next-generation horticultural solutions to tackle food related issues. DENSO, part of Toyota Group, is the second largest automotive components manufacturer in the world, which supplies products and technologies to numerous automobile manufacturers combines forces with Dutch greenhouse provider Certhon by setting up a joint venture. By integrating Certhon’s advanced horticultural technology to DENSO’s industrialization technology, they will jointly develop and provide next-generation horticultural solutions. This includes fully automated greenhouses and indoor farms to enable cultivation in urban areas or regions with challenging weather conditions. Facing areas with agricultural issues such as shortage of food supply or higher demand of food safety, these partners believe they are capable of contributing through innovating the food value chain from agricultural production, processing, to distribution and providing an efficient & safe food supply.

DENSO Corporate video