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The market for protected cultivation continues to develop. These developments challenge Certhon to create innovative ideas and future-proof solutions that help set our clients apart from the competition. Innovation is in our genes and helped us get to where we are today.

Indoor Farming

The multilayer cultivation system is a revolutionary system used for the propagation and production of plants and vegetables. The system consists of a climate cell that operates without daylight and in which cultivating layers form an integrated structure for growing crops under LED lights. The climate in the cells is regulated by cooling ceilings and controlled-air systems.

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PlantyFood is a growing method developed by Certhon for growing plants from seed to harvest without daylight.

Certhon focused on more than just the usual leafy greens and herbs during it’s development, but takes a step into the future with fruit bearing crops like tomatoes and cucumbers

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LED lighting

As a supplier, Certhon is conducting pioneering research on optimizing this technology and has achieved impressive results. We are also a certified Philips LED Horti Partner.

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Energy is an important pillar in any horticulture project. Certhon is always on the lookout for innovative systems or applications that help save energy. Over the years, Certhon has developed an impressive range of energy-saving applications.

Energy saving in the horticulture sector using heat pumps and SanSolar

JSK cooling

The innovative JSK cooling system allows you to cool above and below crop level. Thanks to optimum air circulation, you can also improve the greenhouse climate. The coolers are installed under the crops, which means no loss of light radiation. The JSK system can also be used for low-value heat. The perfect solution for orchids and roses.

JSK cooling system

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