Energy-saving greenhouse with heat pumps and SanSolar

Energy is an important pillar in any horticulture project. Certhon is always on the lookout for innovative systems or applications that help save energy. Over the years, Certhon has developed an impressive range of energy-saving applications.

Energy solutions for the horticulture sector

Greenhouse horticulture companies around the world are looking for ways to reduce energy costs. There are plenty of solutions for using alternative energy sources in the greenhouse horticulture sector. But determining the best alternative for your company is something that should be left to the experts. The Certhon experts.

Maximum return on energy

We have worldwide experience with non-conventional energy sources, such as geothermal systems. These make it possible to use sources of heat and cold that are present in the ground. While we may be familiar with the technique, making it suitable for large-scale application in greenhouse horticulture is another issue entirely. Certhon offers practical advice and can assist in the profitable deployment of alternative energy sources.

Heat pumps for the horticulture sector

Heat pumps are an ingenious system for heating and cooling greenhouses in an energy-efficient way. Certhon has developed heat pump solutions around the world based on the same underlying principle: extracting low-quality heat or cold from the environment and then redirecting and processing the heat to a higher temperature, after which it can be used elsewhere. The amount of energy needed to power the heat pump is lower than the output.

For many greenhouse horticulture companies, the water pump is a profitable alternative to traditional heating and cooling techniques. Certhon can arrange the entire process from A to Z: from initial capacity limitations to digging the wells.

Horticulture projects with heat pumps

SanSolar - Solar energy for greenhouse horticulture

Solar energy generated by solar collectors may help to address the growing demand for energy and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels. After all, the sun is a sustainable source of energy. Certhon developed a solar panel for the greenhouse horticulture industry – SanSolar – as a solution for the energy-intensive greenhouse horticulture sector.

SanSolar allows for the viable conversion of solar power for large-scale horticulture projects. The panel was designed to meet the specific requirements of greenhouse horticulture and can withstand extreme climate conditions. Reliability and energy-efficiency are top priorities and ensure that the system produces maximum energy output. Certhon is a reliable partner in every phase, starting with advice.

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Biogas in the horticulture sector

Biogas is a relatively new option and requires more knowledge than most heating suppliers possess. Various types of biogas are available, each with their own calorific value and combustion yield. Would you like to learn more about the cost-efficient residual heat of your own horticulture company? Good advice is vital in the preliminary stages. Certhon can help you maximize your energy savings!

Energy savings in the horticulture sector

Horticulture projects

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