Growth chambers

Growth chambers: the multilayer cultivation system

The multilayer cultivation system is a revolutionary system used for the propagation and production of plants and vegetables. The system consists of a climate chamber that operates without daylight and in which cultivating layers form an integrated structure for growing crops under LED lights. The climate in the chambers is regulated by cooling ceilings and controlled-air systems.

Multilayer cultivation system

The main advantage of a climate chamber is that the crops aren’t affected by external factors, such as fluctuations in temperature or humidity. The climate chamber is also sustainable, as it uses any surplus heat to warm the greenhouse as necessary.

Advantages of a growth chamber

The advantages of a multilayer cultivation system:

  • Higher yields thanks to an accelerated cultivation process
  • Ability to produce year-round
  • Better and more consistent crop quality
  • More efficient use of space with multiple layers
  • More efficient use of energy with better insulation
  • No light pollution
  • Sustainable production through use of surplus heat
Innovative growth chamber systems

Growth chamber project for Deliscious

City farming and plant factories

The concepts of plant factories and city farming respond to the need to produce closer to and often in the middle of the consumer market. These concepts are based on maximizing freshness and food safety for consumers and minimizing transport costs and times in the chain. Both plant factories and city farming are geared towards sustainable, multilayer cultivation with minimal use of resources thanks to a perfectly controlled climate. Certhon is currently developing these concepts in practice based on technology developed in-house.

Growth chambers for city farming

Growth chambers for production or research

Growth chambers

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