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The Certhon guarantee

Certhon designs and builds greenhouses, growth chambers, and technical systems for the international greenhouse horticulture sector. We firmly believe in total solutions. That’s why we house all disciplines under one roof, so we can carry out entire projects, from design to execution, in accordance with the client’s wishes and requirements. Your greenhouse, growth chamber, and systems are always perfectly integrated to ensure a profitable horticulture project. That is the Certhon guarantee. For food. For flowers. For sure.

Your project - The Certhon guarantee

Investing in a horticulture event? Expanding your company? Applying the latest techniques? Certhon can support you with all your projects. Our approach is geared towards results and based on the six-step Certhon guarantee.

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Step 1


Your ambition is the starting point of our project approach. We will help you draft a project plan based on your objectives. Using the information you provide, our experts will get started on:

  • Climate information and dimensions of project location
  • Crop plans
  • Business plan
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Step 2

ROI solution

The initial project design help to determine the overall scope of the project. Our preliminary proposal will help you optimize the business plan and financing.

  • Project proposal
  • Project plan estimate
  • Total budget estimate

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Step 3


Once we’ve agreed on the proposals, our experts can start working in more detail. Your ambition becomes reality. An extremely detailed quotation is made that is fully tailored to your needs.

  • Detailed quotation
  • Detailed parameters
  • Project conditions (responsibilities, delivery, finances)
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Step 4


Your project will be professionally designed by a client-specific project team. You will be appointed your own specialist for each discipline. This includes determining how to carry out on-site management. Certhon is ISO9001 and HortiQ-certified, which means your project will be carried out according to the highest quality standards.

  • Project engineering
  • Appointing the project team
  • Project planning
  • Partners (labour, logistics)
  • Substantive material and logistical choices
  • Building and installation

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Step 5


Once everything has been built and installed, we will move towards commissioning. We can offer your users a training programme to make sure they know how to use the agronomic hardware and software.

  • User training programme
  • Agronomic support

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Step 6


We will continue to support you after your project has been completed. This is an important pillar of our ROI-key philosophy. Our service team is available 24/7 to answer questions and offer remote support.

  • Service support
  • Agronomic advice

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