ROI-key philosophy

Profitable greenhouse horticulture project

Our experts can assist clients by drawing on years of experience in the greenhouse construction industry. While client inquiries always differ, the goal and the expectations are the same: ROI or return on investment.

Turnkey projects

Taking a turnkey approach to a project is no longer sufficient. We are setting a new standard with the introduction of the ROI-key: your key to return on investment. We help our clients in the decision-making process from start to finish: from variety selection to growing schedules and from hygiene training to labour organization. The knowledge of our experts combined with our extensive network means we are familiar with the entire process, from seed to plant.

Horticulture projects


As an extremely knowledgeable organization, we are capable of providing excellent cultivation support and management. Consultancy and agronomic support after the project has been completed is an important part of our ROI-key philosophy. The Certhon guarantee is the common thread in all our projects.

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Turnkey projects

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