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  • New groupname

With effect from 1 November to grow horticultural suppliers Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka continue under one group: Certhon.

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This name was inspired by the strong international focus of the companies. By now act under one name, the companies want to strengthen their successful profile in the international horticultural sector. For years operating Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka as sister companies. The businesses, based on the ABC site in Poeldijk, employs over 100 employees. Wilk van der Sande has built a strong international reputation as a supplier of heating, cooling, electrical, lighting, automation and water technology. Bosch Inveka is originally a greenhouse builder specializing in Venlo greenhouses, wide-span greenhouses and foil. Both companies have a long history: the history of the family business goes back to 1896. Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka have for years been successfully active in export markets and cooperate: especially in turnkey projects abroad. To further increase the visibility of the companies abroad, it was decided henceforth to raise under one group name. “An important part of our turnover comes from exports,” says director Hein van der Sande from Certhon solid. “Abroad, a client is not always clear what the connection is between Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka. Moreover, it also further names to speak out internationally less well. Because we are sister companies and work much, it was decided now to do under one name. “ the companies are active worldwide, from the Netherlands to Kenya, from Russia to South -Africa. the Certhon integration of the greenhouse with the technical systems can optimally fulfill the role of turnkey supplier. especially large projects abroad are increasingly realized on that basis. Certhon expects the economies of scale in the international horticulture market further will continue. the role of innovation will be getting bigger, reason for Certhon to bet even more on research and development. the name change will be implemented by november 1, 2011. There are no changes: the two companies had been working as one organization.

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