Much interest in SuprimAir

  • Much interest in SuprimAir

Last week, a group of 20 relations of Certhon from the UK, Netherlands, Austria and Hungary paid a visit to the 3 hectare big SuprimAir Greenhouse from grower Jardin de Rabelais in the french town of Avoine.

SuprimAir- kas

During the day a presentation was held regarding the many advantages and possibilities of growing in a SuprimAir-Greenhouse. Grower Pascal Delahaye presented the first result that where achieved in the French tomato greenhouse. He was very positive about the result achieved with the SuprimAir-Greenhouse so far. “It gives us the possibility to create an optimal greenhouse climate,” he said. “We can obtain a higher CO2 concentration inside and also the humidity levels are controllable very accurate.”

Aside of the presentations and an observation of the crop, the visitors could also take a look inside the “mixing rooms”; the place where the inner and outer air is being processed before it gets blown into the greenhouse.


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