Knowledge is essential for climate chamber

  • Knowledge is essential for climate chamber

On Thursday July 11, 2013, there Collaborate held at the Arena Skills Session Climate Cells from the project.

GreenQ Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk

This session took place at the Arena GreenQ Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk. There were 30 participants present, among them a large number of plant breeders. Tom Dueck, a researcher at Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture talked about possibilities with LED light in climate cells. During the presentation explained differences between effects of blue and red light. “One of the biggest challenges of the multilayer cultivation with LED is to create the right amount of humidity,” says Tom Dueck. Martin Veenstra (Certhon) and Bas van Eerdt (WPS Horti Systems) gave the second presentation. Certhon and WPS Horti Systems jointly offer climate cells with an integrated approach. Certhon responsible for climate control applications in cell and WPS Horti Systems for internal transport. The set of disciplines like light recipes, climate and handling see the collaborating companies as key to success. The vision of Certhon and WPS Horti Systems is that climate cells are still at the beginning of success. The innovators in the horticultural industry are now in the testing phase, which already several successes. Technically see companies no restrictions, there has in recent years gained much experience in -with namely the control of a closed space where plants are grown in multiple layers. Certhon and WPS Horti Systems assist entrepreneurs in creating a business case with climate cells . Important here the advantage of climate cells is good to map; Can we achieve more production? One gets a distinctive product, for example higher quality, longer shelf life and / or vitamins? And can be grown efficiently? Certhon and WPS Horti Systems see an important role to develop more knowledge, precisely because every situation requires a different approach, the right light recipe plays a vital role. The multitude of questions after the presentation gave a great weather interest in the use of climate cells.

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