Certhon realizes LED grow-light project for Sandylands

  • Certhon realizes LED grow-light project for Sandylands

The new greenhouse that Certhon is building for Sandylands Nurseries will be equipped with a hybrid grow-light; LED in combination with SON-T.

Sandylands Nurseries

The construction of the project has already started, so the tomatoes can fully reap the benefits of LED lighting next summer. Besides the construction of the greenhouse Certhon is also responsible for all technical installations.

Certhon is working already for several years as Philips LED horticultural partner, the cooperation in this project reached a new milestone. This modern nursery offers a range of benefits for the owner, the Holt family. The combination of SON-T exposure (105 µmol) and LED inter-lighting (110 µmol) enables year-round production and consistent quality. With LED grow-light installation the crop can remain active constantly during the winter as well as dark summer days. Various tests have proven that the application of LED grow-light results in 35% more revenue.

By means of the efficient use of LED grow-light, combined with SON-T, the electrical energy costs are reduced by more than 10%. An additional advantage is reduction of excessive heat from the lamps, thus less ventilation is needed and energy saving. Besides that, lighting between the crop warms up the crop which leads to less heating demand by from grow heating pipes. These benefits emphasize the sustainable nature of this unique project.

Certhon works as certified LED horticulture partner closely with Philips. Not only in the field of inter-lighting, but also in the field of (mobile) growth chambers, both companies have achieved already impressive projects.


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