Freesias in growth chamber

  • Freesias in growth chamber

Chris Duijvenstijn (Duijvenstijn Freesia VOF), Ton Vreugdenhil (Ton Vreugdenhil Freesia) and Patrick van Steijn (Fields ‘Source of Flowers’) join forces; under the umbrella name “Freesia 3.0”, the companionship utilise a Certhon growth chamber. Headed by advisor Ed Hoogerwerf, the entrepreneurs will further develop their freesia cultivation.

Duijvestijn Freesia

The signatures have been placed at the beginning of March. At the same time the growers took the opportunity to witness the build of their growth chamber. They are eagerly looking forward to the end of this month, when the mobile growth chamber will be installed at Duijvenstijn Freesia at Stompwijk.”I truly believe in this concept, it’s revolutionary,” told Ed Hoogerwerf.

“The conditions for the plants in the container are exactly in the right way,” Hoogerwerf adds. “Light is essential, but also cooling is indispensable for building up the plants.” The growth chamber will be fully equipped with LED lighting and all climate installations which are required. The control of heating, cooling, humidity and CO2- dosing are highly accurate.

Martin Veenstra, who is responsible for Certhon ‘s growth chamber sales, describes the possibilities of the mobile growth chamber. “The container is a fully equipped growth chamber for botanical research. Given the facts that the growth chamber fully operates and is controlled on a turnkey basis by the Certhon Phytotron Control System, makes this application definitely unique.”

Chris Duijvenstijn thinks the growth chamber will increase the production. “Because the six first weeks are essential for the freesia cultivation, the exclusion of weather influences is absolutely the biggest advantage.”

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