"Red Roofs Nursery goes for perfect climate"

  • "Red Roofs Nursery goes for perfect climate"

Following handover and planting in January, the first crop of tomatoes in a new glasshouse is now in production at Red Roofs Nursery in East Yorkshire, where owner Chris Durnford is not only fully committed to the future of UK tomatoes but also determined to play his part in increasing the share of premium home grown varieties in the UK.

Red Roofs Nursery

Investment in a 700 sq m packhouse and an extra 16,660 sq m of fully fitted new glass is a reflection of Chris’s commitment to the future. The project is the result of close co-operation between Certhon, who took care of the glasshouse and heating, and CMW who supplied and installed all the equipment and managed the whole project.

‘This is a big investment, so I wanted to ensure that I would benefit from the latest and best energy and labour saving glass, heating system and equipment’ says Chris. ‘I’ve been a CMW customer ever since they started 25 years ago and was also well aware of Certhon’s excellent reputation, so I had complete confidence that together they would ensure that my new project would be constructed to the highest standard and in good time for planting this year’s crop.’

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