Large scale project for a U.S. multinational company

  • Large scale project for a U.S. multinational company

Certhon and WPS has reached an agreement with an U.S. multinational biotech company to provide several modular growth chambers. In these multilayered modular chambers, over a million plants can be grown and researched efficiently.

Multinational Company

The growth chambers being supplied to incorporate advance- logistics-automation and provide customized growth areas. Each plant can be accessed individually by means of the logistics and the climate can be controlled separately in each chamber. The modular design of the climate chambers makes the system easily expandable.

The climate chambers are customized to fit the company’s research needs. All the technologies together is what makes these chambers unique. These chambers will increase both the quality of research and the speed of product development. The chambers have no natural daylight and are used for large-scale plant research. There are therefore no external factors influencing the research results, making research much more reliable. All the chambers are equipped with fully controlled climate controls and LED lighting.

WPS, along with Certhon, provides this turnkey solution, which includes design, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning and on-site training for users of the climate chambers. The installation has started already.

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