New project in Georgia

  • New project in Georgia

Certhon has started the construction of a new greenhouse project in Georgia.

Georgia project

In commercial collaboration with partner Pebaco ITE BV, it is the first project in this Eurasian country. Nearby the capital Tbilisi arises a six hectares big greenhouse project for GGC, which mainly cultivates it’s crops in plastic covered greenhouses.

Certhon is fully responsible for the complete realization of the glass greenhouse, of which the foundations has already been landfilled. Afterwards the heating, irrigation and electrical installations will be installed and connected to the existing technical area.

The biggest part of the glass greenhouse will be suitable for the growing of tomatoes, of which partially will be equipped with grow light. One hectare is meant for as a propagation department for the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. This part of the greenhouse will be fully equipped with an ebb- and flow system.

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