Certhon achieves HortiQ certificate

  • Certhon achieves HortiQ certificate

Already having the VCA/SCC and ISO 9001 certificate, as of the 22nd of September 2015 Certhon has added the HortiQ system quality certificate confirming the quality of the products and processes within the company.

this certificate

This certificate is a confirmation of Certhon’s drive for quality and comply with all needed requirements, rules and regulation to be able to deliver quality greenhouses to our customers all around the world.
“Our approach towards customers is creating certainty on Return On Investment (Certhon’s ROI-Key) on their Greenhouse project. The only way to provide Return On Investment is with good quality processes and products so this certificate is a logical next step in this development ,” explains commercial director Mike Vermeij.

A greenhouse designed and produced by a HortiQ certificated supplier proves that it meets quality requirements giving growers / investors certainty that they acquired a high quality greenhouse by an audited supplier.
The HortiQ certificate makes quality visible.

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