Second greenhouse for Jeonbuk in South Korea

  • Second greenhouse for Jeonbuk in South Korea

By the end of 2014 Certhon completed a greenhouse for Jeonbuk in South Korea. The collaboration is such a success that Jeonbuk placed another order at Certhon for the construction of its second greenhouse.


This greenhouse of 1.4 hectares is fully equipped for the cultivation of various peppers.

Certhon built the project turnkey. A special feature of the project is the heating and cooling installation. A heat pump installation underlines the sustainable nature of this project. The installation is connected to a heat and cold storage tank. This system ensures that there is significantly less need of fossil fuels.

Another stunning aspect of the greenhouse are the specially developed air handling units in the front gable. This application creates a perfect greenhouse climate because outside air can be inhaled and processed in a precise way.

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