Large- scale growth chamber project in Belgium

  • Large- scale growth chamber project in Belgium

Certhon realizes a large- scale growth chamber project in Belgium for SES Van der Have.

scale project

Certhon has been commissioned to build approximately 25 growth chambers with climate control systems, LED- lighting and software.

The growth chambers are part of the brand new R&D greenhouse project for Ses Van der Have, which is in progress since the summer of 2015. Certhon is responsible for building and installing the heating and cooling in the greenhouse which consists of about 40 different departments, which is fully equipped for research work. The greenhouse is going to be heated by a heat pump system.

Sustainability is an important aspect for SES Van der Have, the company explains on their website: “The new complex will be able to capture over 8 million litres of rainwater, which we will use for irrigating our plants. The LED bulbs that we will install are up to 400% more efficient than our current lights,” according to CEO van Tetering.

SES Van der Have is global market leader in the sugar beet seed industry. More than one third of all sugar beet seeds are from SES Van der Have. The new greenhouse and the growth chambers are a part of the research centre near the headquarters of the company in the Belgian town Tienen.

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