New cooling for De Vreede Holland

  • New cooling for De Vreede Holland

Certhon is working on the establishment of a complete cooling system at De Vreede Holland. The Bleiswijkse orchid grower has more than 3 hectares added accumulate and now has over 11 hectares of glass. Purchased greenhouse this spring made for orchid cultivation.

Koeling Systeem

Certhon is responsible for the installation of the cooling system. A cooling tower, two chillers and several top coolers will chill the newest location of De Vreede Holland. The top coolers are divided into seven different sections, one above a second cultivation layer.

De Vreede Holland is a leader in the market 9cm orchids. The company has been a loyal customer of Certhon in earlier phases Certhon also realized refrigeration for De Vreede.

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