SuprimAir greenhouse for French tomato grower

  • SuprimAir greenhouse for French tomato grower

In southern France, about 30 kilometers from Avignon, Certhon has started building a SuprimAir greenhouse for Poumo D’amour. This two hectare project will be used for the cultivation of tomatoes.

Because of high temperatures in the summer, the biggest challenge for the company of tomato producer Hubert Thierry, is managing the climate in the greenhouse, and keeping insects out. Therefore, Mr. Thierry chose a SuprimAir greenhouse in which climatic conditions are manageable with great accuracy. By creating positive pressure in the greenhouse, insects are kept out. This makes it possible for Mr. Thierry to achieve year round and high production, something that previously was not possible, due to high temperature and humidity levels in the summer.

It is not the first time Poumo D’amour chooses Certhon for a project: In 2003, Certhon was responsible for the installation of the boiler house and the heating system in the traditional greenhouse. With the current project, part of this traditional greenhouse is demolished and replaced by a state-of-the-art, semi-closed SuprimAir greenhouse. Certhon is fully responsible for the design and realization of the new greenhouse and the heating system. Supplemental lighting is not required in this SuprimAir greenhouse; there is sufficient sunlight in the Provence.

At this moment, the foundation of project Poumo D’amour is complete and the construction of the complex has started. The project is expected to be complete by mid-November this year, after which year-round production can get started.

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