Innovation Centre for Certhon

  • Innovation Centre for Certhon

Next to the office in Poeldijk (the Netherlands), Certhon is building its own research facility: the Certhon Innovation Centre. Certhon is conducting pioneering research on optimizing the technology of growing without daylight since two years. The facility will accommodate eight growth cells where research will be done continuously to develop the next generation cultivation system.

Certhon started the build for their Innovation Centre last month to further develop the PlantyFood growing method. PlantyFood is a growing method, developed by Certhon, to grow vegetables, fruits and floriculture without daylight.
Demand for safe and healthy food, which is sustainable and local produced, is increasing worldwide. This creates a higher demand for indoor growing solutions on a large scale. However, growing in a growth cell requires other cultivation methods than growing in a traditional greenhouse. As biggest change, compared to traditional growing methods, the outside climate will not be leading to your growing method but indoor climate will be defined by the available techniques.

Tests will be conducted on a total surface of 240m2, which will be used as best practice for growing without daylight on large scale. “We are not a research Institute”, says John van der Sande, Head of R&D at Certhon. “With the knowledge we gain in our own research institute, we can help our clients the first one or two years to achieve a maximum result. Next to the tools to create the optimal environment, we also offer specific agronomical knowledge.”

Multiple researches start at the end of 2017 with various crops selected by Certhon. The tests will be conducted in different climates, humidity and light recipes or it can serve as a test case for lighting, sensors, software and other hardware.

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