Ter Laak Orchids; International Grower 2018!

  • Ter Laak Orchids; International Grower 2018!

Ter Laak Orchids has been selected as International Grower of the Year 2018! During the IPM Essen, this prestigious award was presented by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH). And to top it off, they also took home the sustainability award. Co-owner Eduard ter Laak: “Every day we strive for top quality. So we invest continuously in technical innovations and the development of our product. And always in a sustainable manner because respect for people and the environment is part of our character. That our efforts are now being rewarded with this prize is fantastic!”

The International Grower of the Year Award is a worldwide award for floricultural growers who excel in terms of market development, sustainability, economy, human resource and/or innovation. Ter Laak Orchids is building its future in an innovative and sustainable way. Owner Eduard ter Laak: “We are able to do this through cooperation with the right partners and a driven team. That brought us to this international stage. We are very proud and grateful! “

Certhon is proud to have contributed to the success of Ter Laak Orchids. Sustainability has always been the starting point in the years of cooperation. This is underlined by the cooling system with heat pumps Certhon designed and installed for Ter Laak Orchids. It uses three heat pumps with a cold storage tank and ten wells, which makes this one of the largest heat pump applications ever made in horticulture. To cool the greenhouse, Ter Laak Orchids choose an in-house developed system of Certhon, the JSK. The total of 125 JSK coolers absorb warm air from above the crop and then blow this air out underneath the crop. Because the temperatures can be set for each cooler individual, the climate can be optimally controlled and durability is guaranteed.

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