SuprimAir greenhouse in the desert for Pure Harvest

  • SuprimAir greenhouse in the desert for Pure Harvest

For the year-round production of fresh and healthy vegetables in a desert environment you need a Certhon horticulture solution. Pure Harvest Smart Farms is the first to implement the SuprimAir technology in the Gulf Region. This year the SuprimAir technology of Certhon will be operational in Abu Dhabi.

Top quality produce, but locally grown, to Dutch standards. With the use of this novel semi-closed greenhouse technology, the produce will become year-round available for the local market in UAE. The SuprimAir technology of Certhon has a large set of advantages. The state of the art SuprimAir technology, a climate system to control all growing conditions for year-round production, has proven its advantage in many climates. By the use of conditioned air and over-pressure there is always a perfect climate to grow vegetables. The over-pressure ensures insects and bugs are banned. Use of pesticides is not needed, making a healthier and clean product than elsewhere. The SuprimAir performances throughout the whole year disregarding outside temperatures, not only temperature but also humidity levels are controlled inside by a unique and fully computer controlled combination of efficient ventilation and cooling. In this perfectly balanced situation the yearly yield to a traditional greenhouse can easily increase with +15%. Local produce becomes available in the summer months for the UAE, with the same uniform quality as any other season. Using hydroponic drip-irrigation, with full re-use of irrigation water, the water usage is limited to the minimal.

Pure Harvest Smart Farms
Pure Harvest Smart Farms is a regional innovator in sustainable agriculture focused on the production of premium quality fruits & vegetables in the extreme climates of the Arab Gulf region, using world-leading high-tech, climate controlled greenhouse production technology to deliver vine crops (tomatoes, capsicum, strawberries, cucumbers, eggplants, etc.). The Company will soon deploy a wider portfolio of best-in-class controlled-environment agriculture technologies (e.g. vertical farms, container-based growing solutions) to deliver a wide variety of fresh produce. Pure Harvest seeks to leverage innovative technology solutions to pioneer year-round production of affordable, premium quality fresh produce. In recognition of regional vulnerabilities associated with water scarcity, food import dependence and sustainability, Pure Harvest is committed to resource efficiency and overcoming climate challenges to deliver European standards to customers with always-available, high quality, farm-to-fork products.

Certhon is one of the leading Dutch horticulture solutions providers in the world. With over 120years of experience and all disciplines in-house to support innovative projects. References of Certhon projects are to be found in large scale greenhouse for flowers, vegetables and indoor farms all over the world. With a strong focus, knowledge and innovation strength in climate control, lighting and automation Certhon makes food production widely available. To the biggest satisfaction of the best growers in the world, the semi-closed technology has been built in among others France. Both tomato producing companies Le Jardin de Rabelais and Poumo d’amour have experienced the benefits of the SuprimAir that Pure Harvest will experience now.

The fresh and healthy harvest from the SuprimAir greenhouse, operated and managed by Pure Harvest, will be in the stores soon.

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