Successful start Certhon SuprimAir in Abu Dhabi

  • Successful start Certhon SuprimAir in Abu Dhabi

While the first tomatoes are in the store, the Certhon SuprimAir greenhouse from PureHarvest will be officially opened next Saturday in the presence of partners and authorities. We can already speak of a very successful production from the first SuprimAir greenhouse that has been implemented in the Gulf region.

The SuprimAir technology daily proves its value in the dry, warm climate of the United Arab Emirates. By using fully conditioned air and overpressure, there is always a perfect climate to grow healthy vegetables. This is underlined by the high quality and good taste of the already produced tomatoes. It is also a clean product; the use of pesticides during cultivation is not necessary due to the insects being kept out of the greenhouse. With the aid of a hydroponic drip irrigation, with complete reuse of irrigation water, water use is limited to a minimum.

In recognition of regional vulnerabilities associated with water scarcity, food import dependence and sustainability, Pure Harvest is committed to resource efficiency and overcoming climate challenges to deliver European standards to customers with always-available, high quality products. These sustainable goals are achieved with the Certhon technology. The locally grown quality tomatoes are now also available for consumers; supermarkets embrace the product.

With the official opening of the SuprimAir greenhouse and the first successful harvest, a major step towards actual food security has been taken: the step towards the production of fresh and healthy vegetables with sustainable use of water, energy and raw materials in the Gulf region.

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