First SuprimAir greenhouse in Eastern Europe

  • First SuprimAir greenhouse in Eastern Europe

In the western part of Slovakia, near Zlaté Moravce, Certhon has started the construction of a SuprimAir greenhouse. The 6 hectares of closed greenhouse is used for the biggest part for the cultivation of cucumbers, along with an illuminated tomato cultivation. With this construction, the first SuprimAir greenhouse in Slovakia is a fact.

Because of the long, dry and warm summer, the biggest challenge is to control the climate in the greenhouse and to keep insects out. The benefits for now, but certainly also for the future, have convinced the customer to opt for a SuprimAir greenhouse. In this closed environment, climatic conditions can be controlled down to the finesse and insects are effectively blocked by overpressure in the greenhouse. This, in combination with interplanting, will soon make it possible to grow year-round with a high production, something that was not possible because of the high temperatures in the summer. The new plants are placed between the old ones, so no time is lost on the cultivation change.

The SuprimAir greenhouse is an energy-saving and sustainable concept. Thanks to the ideal climate, the ventilation windows can remain closed more often, saving energy and keeping CO2 in the greenhouse. In this project, energy is generated by CHP systems. Water saving is also an important component: the drain water is disinfected and reused.

At this moment, the foundation is complete and the construction of the complex has started. The project is expected to be complete by August 2019, after which year-round production can get started.

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