Expansion achieved for Sun Valley (Belaya Dacha) in Russia

  • Expansion achieved for Sun Valley (Belaya Dacha) in Russia

The greenhouse complex Sun Valley, in Kislovods, recently expanded with two greenhouses, leaving them with a total of 6,4 hectares. The first greenhouse complex opened in 2017. Tomatoes and various lettuces are being grown in here with the recent expansion being dedicated towards tomatoes.

In the first greenhouse complex the lettuce and tomato department are connected through a large processing area, where the products are sorted and packed. On the other side of this area, two greenhouses are built, with a final area of 6,4 hectares.

In contrast to the first tomato greenhouse, there is a new focus on assimilation lighting. The capacity of the water technical areas and the boiler house are enlarged. This is to match the capacity needs for the recent expansion.

Because of the expansion, there is additional space for young plant growth. In the first greenhouse, the young tomato plants were in a grow room that was separate from the greenhouse. Now, there is a special area built for the grow room inside the new greenhouse. Due to this, the young plants are being grown with the ability to be easily distributed to different areas in the three greenhouses.

During the expansion, Certhon played a critical role in being the turnkey supplier. This means the greenhouse, heating, cooling, water and electrical installations are designed and installed by Certhon with a focus on maximum efficiency. With this project, Sun Valley and Certhon continue to strengthen future cooperation.

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