American ambassador Pete Hoekstra visits Certhon and its Innovation Center

  • American ambassador Pete Hoekstra visits Certhon and its Innovation Center

On Wednesday, October 30th, the American Ambassador Pete Hoekstra visited Certhon a global leader in high-tech, agricultural technology solutions.
The Ambassador has attended numerous events in the past year due to the recent boom in demand for high-tech agricultural solutions back in the United States. As Ambassador, Mr. Hoekstra realizes the importance of strengthening relationships with leading companies in the sector that are actively providing innovative solutions for US companies dedicated to year-round growing. During his visit, Ambassador Hoekstra was able to learn more about Certhon’s in-house innovations, in addition to an insider look on the various crop trials Certhon’s agronomy team are currently conducting on daylight free cultivation.

With this visit, Certhon sees firsthand the impact of the Dutch “Golden Triangle” approach, which brings together key stakeholders in business, government and academia, and how a similar approach can be mimicked in the United States.

Certhon has been playing a pioneering role in optimizing technology for daylight-free cultivation within the horticultural industry. By meeting every demand with innovative in-house technology and over 100 years of horticultural experience, Certhon offers custom solutions with a maximum return on investment. In Certhon’s own Innovation Center, a facility consisting of eight indoor farms, continuous research is being done on various crops to develop cultivation systems of the future for Certhon’s global customers.

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