Certhon found in favor in proceedings against Plantlab

  • Certhon found in favor in proceedings against Plantlab

Court of Appeal’s ruling is a victory for the entire indoor farming sector
Certhon found in favor in proceedings against Plantlab

After a legal battle of several years between Plantlab and Certhon, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that Certhon has not infringed the ‘indoor farming’ patent of Plantlab in any way.*

John van der Sande, Chief Innovation Officer at Certhon: “On the one hand, we are extremely pleased with this ruling. However, on the other hand, it is a shame that these proceedings have cost so much extra effort and energy. Fortunately, with this ruling, we can continue with what we are good at. Namely, developing reliable technology to improve cultivation processes. We are only at the beginning of the enormous potential of indoor farming. We are ready to take the next steps, as this ruling strengthens us tremendously.”

Bringing plant and technology together
The company continues developing new cultivation systems that allow complete control over the cultivation process, creating huge opportunities. This will enable anyone to grow healthy food, anywhere in the world, no matter what the climate is. Transparency is key here. After all, that is what made the horticultural sector grow.
Lotte van Rijn, General Manager Certhon noted, “The judgment of the Court of Appeal is a victory for the entire sector. The ruling is a positive stimulus to further develop and optimize indoor farming across the board. At Certhon, we take our product development and clients very seriously. If we bring technology and plants together, the growing possibilities for our clients are endless. Optimal growing recipes, extreme water savings, grip on growth, ingredients and quality, combined with yield optimization by autonomous growing systems and robotization; that is where the added value of our systems in indoor farming lies.”

Moving forward full of positive energy
“The lawsuit didn’t stop us, on the contrary, says John. With even more energy and optimism, we are continuing to develop systems that can achieve optimal plant growth. Whether it is a glass greenhouse, a closed greenhouse, or a greenhouse without daylight; we put the plant at the center of our technology development and thus give growers the tools to further optimize their crops. We bring our technologies to customers all over the world. Simply with short lines of communication and clear agreements. That is the way it should be in horticulture.”

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the next steps in automation and industrialization of cultivation is invited to contact us. Feel free to call + 31 (0) 174 22 50 80, Edwin Vanlaerhoven (Head of Business Development) will be happy to answer your questions.

  • In its judgment, the District Court declared Plantlab’s Dutch patent (NL091) void. The Court of Appeal has not yet ruled on Plantlab’s appeal to this decision regarding the validity of the Dutch patent. That decision is on hold pending a decision of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office on the validity of Plantlab’s European patent (EP 814). If the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office rules that Plantlab’s European patent needs to be revoked, the same will apply for the Dutch patent. This decision by the Court of Appeal strengthens our confidence in a successful outcome of the appeal at the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office.

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