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Certhon is a specialist in the application of advanced computer technologies in greenhouse horticulture. This is true in terms of software, hardware, and infrastructure. Our own automation experts guarantee the operational reliability of high-value systems - not only the systems we develop and build ourselves, but also systems developed by third parties. Because of the specific and widely varying requirements that horticultural businesses set, standard systems are almost never available. Certhon develops its own hardware, software, and infrastructure.

Sanscada process control

International Priva dealer

Sanscada - "To measure is to know"

Certhon has developed its own hardware and software for any system, with which all important parameters can be set and read, both on location and at a distance. All measurements and settings are recorded in a database. Every fifteen seconds, all parameters are updated and saved. This can amount to more than three thousand parameters. Any alarms that go off are examined by the SCADA package, analysed, and suppressed. And every alarm is recorded in a logbook. In addition, graphic overviews make it possible to quickly get a complete image of the status of the system. Upon request, Certhon can monitor your system from our head office and keep an eye on the situation. If the situation calls for it, our specialists can inform you of and advise you on any issues. And we can take action immediately. That provides peace of mind.

Horticulture automation projects

Process control through automation

No other aspect of greenhouse horticulture has grown as rapidly as automation. Computer-operated technologies control and monitor every process in greenhouses. The importance and influence of advanced computer technology is particularly significant in modern greenhouse horticulture businesses. Certhon has all the knowledge you need in this area available in house.

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Automation as a critical success factor

Automation is the most important foundation for maximum control and monitoring of all essential and critical processes in greenhouse horticulture projects. Automation makes it possible to operate, control, and monitor processes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world. Automation is the perfect answer to the increasing demand for complete, real-time process management. For this reason, optimum automation is highly important to modern greenhouse horticulture businesses. Because of this importance, it is necessary to find a good partner who understands that IT is a critical success factor in today’s - and tomorrow’s - greenhouse horticulture sector.

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International dealer of Priva systems

For years we have been a Priva dealer. Priva is the world’s number one supplier of horticulture applications. Priva is a pioneer when it comes to the use of computer technology in greenhouse horticulture. The ideal system is available for every application: from large-scale greenhouse horticulture businesses with a high degree of automation to systems for less complex applications on a smaller scale. Efficiency and reliability go hand in hand with Priva. Each system is developed and produced in-house. And the long-term profitability of your system is also ensured: regular new updates guarantee that systems will grow along with current developments.

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In-house technicians with professional knowledge

As a Priva dealer, Certhon can capably implement your system, make it operational, and maintain it. Our own automation technicians undergo regular training in order to be able to continue to meet the increasingly high demands you set for computers for climate and other applications. For more specific processes, Certhon has developed its own computer systems: from hardware and software to infrastructure.

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