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Certhon employs qualified specialists who approach the entire electrical engineering process in an integrated way. Our experience with the set-up of the most modern and varied greenhouse horticulture businesses all over the world means that we are never caught by surprise. We guarantee innovative, company-specific systems that have proven their profitability and operational reliability under all circumstances and that also meet all safety requirements. As an internationally experienced partner, we are familiar with the requirements that local governments set on how your system functions.

Electrical engineering


Advanced solutions for electrical engineering systems

In the modern greenhouse horticulture sector, several complex processes operate next to each other and influence each other. These processes are all dependent on electrical engineering: they are powered, monitored, and operated by electrical engineering systems. Having reliable, advanced solutions for every imaginable electrical engineering system, including lighting, is essential for the operational reliability of your business operations. With Certhon you are guaranteed that security.

Electrical engineering projects

The optimum integration of electrical engineering systems

We think proactively with you from the first time we offer advice. This involvement increases returns and the effectiveness of your investment. The goal is the optimum integration of widely varied yet coordinated elements such as the process computer, assimilation lighting systems, other electrical engineering systems, and related solutions for energy management. Certhon is not only an adviser, but also a designer and a reliable installer. We are an installer that maintains control of the process and even designs and constructs the switch boxes. We are also ready to assist you with system maintenance and renovation.

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Automation and climate computers

Computers safeguard the operational processes in greenhouse horticulture businesses. From climate control to water technology, and from energy management to very specific processes: with Certhon you are guaranteed the best and most reliable process management systems.

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International Priva system dealer

For years we have been a Priva dealer. Priva is the world’s number one supplier of horticulture applications. Priva is a pioneer when it comes to the use of computer technology in greenhouse horticulture. The ideal system is available for every application: from large-scale greenhouse horticulture businesses with a high degree of automation to systems for less complex applications on a smaller scale. Efficiency and reliability go hand in hand with Priva. Each system is developed and produced in-house. And the long-term profitability of your system is also ensured: regular new updates guarantee that systems will grow along with current developments.

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In-house technicians with professional knowledge

As a Priva dealer, Certhon can capably implement your system, make it operational, and maintain it. Our own automation technicians undergo regular training in order to be able to continue to meet the increasingly high demands you set for computers for climate and other applications. For more specific processes, Certhon has developed its own computer systems: from hardware and software to infrastructure.

Electrical engineering projects

Lighting for greenhouse horticulture

Systems for lighting are indispensable in the international greenhouse horticulture sector. Both in ornamental cultivation and in vegetable cultivation, assimilation lighting contributes to higher yields of optimum quality. In addition, with lighting installations you are able to plan with a focus on the market and you are able to deliver your products year-round. And that brings advantages: you are responding to the specific demands of your buyers and you are strengthening your relationship with them.

Innovative assimilation lighting systems
Assimilation lighting systems, like other technical systems in greenhouse horticulture, have undergone significant developments in recent years. At the core of these developments are aspects such as reliability, energy efficiency, and optimizing effects. Assimilation lighting systems have also become more streamlined in recent years, with a minimum of components that block light. Depending on the needs and desires dictated by the crops, Certhon can propose an ideal lighting configuration, based on the individual greenhouse type.

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LED assimilation lighting

One new development is LED light for application in assimilation lighting systems in greenhouse horticulture. The advantages of LED lighting have been known for some time: lighting is up to 50% more efficient than using existing SON-T lighting.

LED lights for lighting

The amount of energy saved can be as much as 80%. The long lifespan is another advantage that cannot be underestimated. So far, major progress has been made with the use of LED systems in the international greenhouse horticulture sector, often as hybrid solutions in combination with SON-T.

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