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  • Greenhouse construction
  • Greenhouse construction
  • Greenhouse construction

Certhon has decades’ worth of experience as a greenhouse builder and has developed into a leading provider for global horticulture. Certhon sees the greenhouse as the backbone of a turnkey project and decides on the strategy, the layout, and the logistics of the project at the same time. The main principle in the high-tech greenhouse is always to increase yields and quality and reduce energy use to a minimum.

Greenhouse construction of various greenhouse types

An important advantage to working with Certhon is that the greenhouse is an integral component of the total concept. In terms of this component, we have extensive in-house knowledge of and experience with various types of greenhouses:

  • Venlo greenhouse, popular in production horticulture because of high light yields and flexibility.
  • SuprimAir greenhouse a single system for cooling and heating, as well as humidifying and dehumidifying.
  • Widespan greenhouse, outstandingly suited to crops that offer complex logistic challenges.
  • Film greenhouse, applicable in certain regions with specific climate conditions.
Greenhouse construction projects

Certhon's responsibilities do not end with greenhouse construction.

We also provide:

  • Glass for greenhouse construction
  • Aluminium components for the greenhouse
  • Ventilation systems for greenhouse horticulture
  • Screen systems for greenhouse horticulture:
    interior screens, exterior screens, energy screens, and screens protecting against excessive sunlight

Certified greenhouse builder

Certhon is familiar with the specific requirements that a crop sets for a greenhouse: a greenhouse for a greenhouse vegetable company calls for a completely different approach and execution than a greenhouse for a cut flower, pot plant, or breeding company. Of course the specialists at Certhon have knowledge of and experience with the selection and application of screens and the design and construction of integrated business spaces such as technical rooms, sorting and processing rooms, and office and personnel facilities. During the construction phase you will recognize that Certhon’s reputation as a reliable, concerned greenhouse builder is justified. This status is backed up by various certifications: ISO 9001, VCA, and HortiQ.

Greenhouse construction with international network

During its years of experience as a greenhouse builder Certhon has built up a global network. This means it is possible to use local labour and supervision to work on professional and profitable greenhouse construction.

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International greenhouse construction projects

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