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Certhon continuously uses innovative solutions to meet new demands in the market. The development of the turnkey growth chambers with a single-layer or multi-layer cultivation system is the answer to current demand in horticulture. The growing global population means that food safety is an important issue, while in ornamental cultivation efficiency is called for in terms of space and energy.

Production growth chambers

Research growth chambers

Mobile growth chambers

Cultivation in growth chambers is the premier solution

Cultivation in growth chambers is the premier solution for these developments. Certhon has integrated all the necessary disciplines for optimum climate control into a growth chamber that completely blocks daylight. Heating, cooling, lighting, irrigation, CO2, and growing tables mean that the growth chamber is suited to any crop. Certhon has the necessary expertise to offer client-specific solutions with maximum profitability.

The major advantage to growing in growth chambers is:

  • The crop is not influenced by external factors.
  • There are no changes in temperature, air humidity, or other uncontrollable factors.
  • The possibility of reusing excess heat makes crops cultivated in growth chambers a sustainable product.

One essential component of the growth chamber is the application of light. Depending on the crop, a highly accurate light recipe is installed which may consists of LED lighting, HID lighting, fluorescent lighting, or a combination of different light sources.

In order to exactly measure and control the climate in the growth chamber, Certhon has developed its own Phytotron Control System and climate computers. This system is remotely controllable and provides optimum climate control with a range of accurate control engineering aspects.

Horticulture projects with growth chambers

Growth chamber production

The growth chamber provides optimum climate control, making it outstandingly suited to the production or propagation of various crops. In addition to the various possibilities it offers, this system offers many advantages.

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Higher production with top quality year round

Because the crop is not influenced by external factors, it is possible to continue production year-round. The climatologically perfect conditions not only speed up the production process, but the yield per square metre is higher and the quality is improved and remains consistent throughout the year. In short, there are solid benefits to sales.

The option of building growth chambers in multi-layer cultivation layouts results in efficient use of space. This provides a significant expansion of plant capacity in a limited area.

In terms of sustainability, production in growth chambers also offers a lot of advantages. The thick insulation means that energy use is minimal. In addition, excess heat can be reused.

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Production growth chambers built for Deliscious

Research growth chambers

Developing new seeds, testing new plant species, and carrying out other research can only be successful if the test environment is optimally suited to the goals. The growth chamber is the premier solution for research.

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Successful research carried out your way

The set-up of a research chamber is equipped completely in line with the wishes of the client and depends on the crop and the research goals. Certhon can install a growth chamber in a container, but it is equally possible to equip existing and unused rooms on company premises as a research chamber. The condition is that it must be possible to completely isolate this room in order to create the optimum climate control for your test environment.

The primary characteristic of the research chamber is the advanced Certhon Phytotron Control System and climate computers that monitors and controls your research with the utmost precision. All climate applications from the growth chamber can be adjusted so that your crop can be tested for any desired climate conditions.

Certhon has built a phytotron building for Rijk Zwaan, one of the best seed breeders in the world, in which research will be carried out in various growth chambers.

Growth chamber research projects
Phytotron growth chamber
Multi-layer research growth chamber

Mobile growth chambers

The mobile growth chamber is a turnkey solution for clients who want to test how their crop responds to production in growth cells. This is the first step for growers who want to experiment or for researchers who need a mobile research space that can be placed anywhere.

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Flexible turnkey solution

Certhon can fully equip 20-foot and 40-foot containers as growth chambers. The chamber is equipped with optimum climate control, LED lighting, irrigation, and CO2 controls. These aspects are, of course, all monitored and controlled via the Certhon Phytotron Control System. This system can be operated remotely, but it is located in an enclosed space at the front of the container.

The major advantage to this application is its flexibility. The mobile growth chamber is completely ‘plug and play’. This means that the growth chamber can be installed anywhere in the world where there are nearby electrical and water connections.


PlantyFood is a growing method developed by Certhon for growing plants from seed to harvest without daylight.

Certhon focused on more than just the usual leafy greens and herbs during it’s development, but takes a step into the future with fruit bearing crops like tomatoes and cucumbers.

Do you want more information about growth chambers, our knowledge about or the PlantyFood? Feel free to contact us.

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Growth chambers

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