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Greenhouse heating and cooling are inextricably linked in horticulture as climate control. More and more often, an integrated approach to climate control is necessary in order to create the desired climate. In the same way, it is necessary to work with energy sources efficiently, both fossil fuels and alternative fuels. Certhon has the necessary experience to develop your new systems or to renovate existing systems.

Innovative energy solutions

Certhon is not only a designer and installer, but most of all a source of knowledge and experience. Many innovative energy applications such as geothermal heat, water pumps, solar panels, and well systems have been developed by Certhon.

Greenhouse heating

Greenhouse heating is necessary in order to create an ideal growing climate for your crop. Certhon has mastered all aspects that are needed in order to create heating in a greenhouse:

  • Greenhouse heating engineering
  • Production of greenhouse heating
  • Installation of heating in the greenhouse
  • Maintenance of greenhouse heating

Because the supply package is so extensive, we can offer the optimum heating infrastructure per project. From elevated heating to heat storage tanks, and from grow tube heating tot combined heat and power, our specialists will make a heating plan that is appropriate to your crop.

Projects with innovative energy solutions

Greenhouse cooling

Certhon is a pioneer in the development of greenhouse cooling. In order to create the desired climate in every climate around the world, greenhouse cooling is indispensable. This is also true for specific crops, such as orchids or roses. Because energy saving is becoming increasingly important, the demand for efficient cooling applications is also growing.

  • Ground cooling for freesias?
  • Overhead coolers in orchid cultivation?
  • Or air hoses as an application in tomato cultivation?

Certhon has proven technologies as the right solution to every problem. A specific cooling application for Phalaenopsis was even at the foundation of the JSK cooling system developed in-house.

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Greenhouse heating and greenhouse cooling for a perfect climate control

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