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Certhon has all the necessary knowledge and experience in-house in the field of irrigation. All the knowledge that can possibly be needed to develop and install irrigation systems is available under one roof, whether you want water storage, water transport, or water treatment. The perfect integration of various systems requires precision. In an early stage, our advisers perfectly match techniques and technologies, so your installation will do what you expect it to in practice.

Using water more efficiently

In the field of irrigation, the horticulture sector faces major challenges. Around the world, the shortage of water is taking increasingly larger forms. Greenhouse horticulture businesses have to find solutions for working even more efficiently with water and making water optimally suited to reuse. Food safety also plays a major role in the water issue. With Certhon, you can be certain that solutions are future-proof.

Irrigation technology projects

State-of-the-art irrigation

Irrigation technology involves more than just sufficient water for your cultivation. The safety and quality of the water are also important criteria when choosing a system. Certhon is familiar with all requirements and guidelines that could possibly be applied to systems for irrigation in greenhouse horticulture. This means that we can give you optimum advice about state-of-the-art solutions that will meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.


Underground rainwater collection is increasingly being used in modern greenhouse horticulture businesses. This development is not by chance. Using reverse osmosis to discharge released brine into the soil is questionable. For this reason, governments may feel obliged to increase regulations in the law relating to water collection and storage.

In addition, underground water collection has a great many advantages.
With underground water collection, clean water is always available. The storage capacity in the soil is usually not a problem. It is not necessary to create ‘expensive’ space aboveground. And the low cost price per cubic metre is a reason to use underground storage.

The specialists at Certhon have extensive experience in this new water storage method. This experience has been bundled into an advanced system for underground rainwater collection: the SanAquastore.

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The ideal rainwater storage system

If the soil structure under your business permits it, the SanAquastore may be the ideal solution in your situation. The effect of underground rainwater collection is based on the principle that the collected rainwater is temporarily stored aboveground. The water is then filtered and infiltrated into the soil with the help of a special well. When you need water, it is pumped to the surface again and stored in the aboveground rainwater storage tank.

The Certhon system includes a computer-operated system developed by us. This enables completely automated operation. In addition, the composition of the rainwater is continuously monitored on the basis of EC and other measurements.

Air humidification

Air humidity is an important parameter for controlling the greenhouse climate. High-pressure air humidifying systems from Certhon are outstandingly suited to perfectioning the growth conditions for the crop. When a ‘cloud’ is developed in the greenhouse, evaporation takes place and the air cools off, which affects air humidity and ambient temperature.

Because the air cools down, the ventilation windows do not have to be opened as wide. The advantage of this is that CO2 remains in your greenhouse longer. In addition, with good timing and dosing at certain moments, you can prevent the stomata of the plant from closing. This means that the plant’s evaporation remains at an optimum level and the plant is able to cool itself at a maximum rate.

User-friendly and Legionella-proof
Managing on the basis of air humidity or moisture deficit is an excellent cultivation strategy in practice. With the air humidification system from Certhon, you can create the possibility for this. The use of stainless steel as a building material means that your system has a solid finish. The operating pressure of 100 bar in combination with the drip size of 5 microns means that wide-ranging applications are possible. In addition, the system is suitable for osmosis water. It is easy to operate thanks to the integrated touchscreen that easily displays data.

Of course, your system is Legionella-proof, in conformity with government-mandated guidelines.

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