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  • SuprimAir greenhouse

SuprimAir greenhouse, the unique fully climate-controlled greenhouse developed by Certhon in accordance with “The New Cultivation” and the “Pad & Fan system”. For the international greenhouse horticulture sector, Certhon has developed a unique greenhouse: the SuprimAir greenhouse. An ingenious interplay of greenhouse, ventilation, cooling, and control makes it possible to create an ideal climate year-round. The ideal temperature and relative humidity are combined with low energy use and lower disease pressure.

The SuprimAir concept

The SuprimAir concept consists of three important components:

  • Hoses installed under the cultivation gutters through which air is blown
  • A front façade corridor with a pad wall, heating blocks, and ventilators which, depending on the situation, draw in exterior air or greenhouse air (or a combination) and blow it into the hoses
  • Climate control on the basis of our own software and SCADA applications
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Cooling and heating according to the 'Pad & Fan' concept

The cooling option is based on adiabatic cooling, known from the pad & fan concept. Dry exterior air is humidified, as a result of which heat is extracted from the air and the cool air is blown into the greenhouse through the hoses. The air can also be heated.

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Humidifying and dehumidifying in accordance with 'The New Cultivation'

By drawing in dry air (whether or not it has been heated) and blowing it through the hoses, the greenhouse air is dehumidified: the principle of ‘The New Cultivation’. This results in significant energy savings and higher CO2 efficiency. When external air is drawn in via the pad wall, this humidifies the air. By means of an innovative system, it is possible to achieve an optimum blend of exterior air and greenhouse air in the corridor, as a result of which the humidity can be very accurately controlled.

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Advantages of SuprimAir greenhouse

Because of the ideal climate, the ventilation windows can remain closed more often, making it possible to save energy and keep CO2 in the greenhouse. Finally, there will be excess pressure in the greenhouses, which means that insects will not be able to get into the greenhouse, so light-obstructing insect nets are not necessary; and because the climate is ideal, diseases will be prevented.

  • CO2 savings because windows are closed more often
  • excess pressure keeps insects out of the greenhouse
  • ideal climate prevents diseases

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SuprimAir greenhouse, fully climate-controlled greenhouse

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